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Windsor-Essex Communities in motion (W-E CIM) is a comprehensive, community-wide health promotion strategy. It was launched to create “a culture of physical activity” in Windsor-Essex County. W-E CIM continues to breed success because of the strength and commitment of it’s community partnerships. Many successful projects that W-E CIM has brought to the Windsor-Essex County area include:

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[li]in motion music mixup: a 10 month weekday radio program, [/li]
[li]Zoomers in motion: a comprehensive regional project that aimed to supports adults 55+ to be more active  [/li]
[li]Local physical activity research: lead by the University of Windsor-Faculty of Human Kinetics, [/li]
[li]Regional Equipment Sharing Program: a regional equipment lending program that supports in motion partners to try new activities with their communities [/li]
[li]in motion events (annual) like: Family Day in motion, 12 o’clock in motion Walk around Windsor-Essex County, and  [/li]
[li]in motion awards (annual): to celebrate local community partners and champions. . [/li]

The national in motion brand was brought to our Windsor-Essex County region by the South West Area Recreation Guild (SWARG) in 2008. SWARG is a collective action of community partners that encourages a “culture of physical activity” in the Southwestern Ontario region in the tri-county area: Windsor-Essex County, Chatham-Kent, Sarnia-Lambton.

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W-E CIM Committee

Chair: Windsor-Essex County Health Unit- Kevin Morse | Health Promotion Specialist | Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention
Committee members: Local municipalities and other non-government agencies . Please see the logos below for a list of W-E CIM partners and how they support physical activity in our region.
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in motion Community Champions

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[li]2009 – Mariette Renaud [/li]
[li]2010 – Amanda Smith[/li]
[li]2011 – Cynthia Cakebread [/li]
[li]2012 – Laura Liebrock [/li]
[li]2013 – Patrick Kelly[/li]
[li]2014 – Stephanie Diago[/li]
[li]2015 – Kerri Rice[/li]
[li]2016 – Maggie Durocher[/li]
[li]2017 – Cathy Copot-Nepszy[/li]
[li]2018 – Kristen Saunders[/li]


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in motion Outstanding Community Partner:

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[li]2009 – Town of Lakeshore [/li]
[li]2010 – Municipality of Leamington [/li]
[li]2011 – University of Windsor [/li]
[li]2012 – Centre for Seniors (Life after Fifty) [/li]
[li]2013 – Windsor-Essex County Health Unit [/li]
[li]2014 – Blackburn Radio Inc [/li]
[li]2015 – Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association [/li]
[li]2016 – Town of Essex [/li]
[li]2017 – City of Windsor [/li]
[li]2018 – Town of Lakeshore [/li]

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Community Partners

Click on logo below for Active Community Partner Programs and Events.

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